Agile Brands

That Ignite Your Business

Hitting All The Right Notes

Impact Your Industry.

Uplift Your Community.

Better Business Results

Like any great piece of music, we believe every business has the potential to become its own unique masterpiece. We are a branding boutique and it is our business to build a more positive future for yours. We offer the highest levels of strategic thinking, design and technology to create agile brands that hit all the right notes for you and your customers.

Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing your story to life and to create opportunities that drive better business results.

  • Stronger return on marketing investment
  • Easier entry into new markets
  • More efficient product expansion
  • Command a premium price
  • Attract and Retain best partners and employees
  • Your brand's originality and uniqueness comes to life by combining good design with a smart strategy.

    Rick Cosaro
    Rick Cosaro, Designer
  • Agile brands find opportunity; they live simultaneously in the digital and physical environments where your customers experience you.

    Paul Feith
    Paul Feith, Creative Director
  • Every interaction you have with your audiences reinforces who you are as a brand.

    Olivia Sorokes
    Olivia Sorokes, Production Associate
  • Telling your story with authenticity and purpose will help shape your brand, spread your idea, and attract people who share your values.

    Heather DeMonte
    Heather DeMonte, Brand Strategist/Storyteller


We are the science behind your story.

Paul Feith

Creative Director

Paul has spent the past twenty five years shaping some of the world's most notable brands. His approach blends innovation and creativity to bring business ideas to life. Above all, he believes that business good = social good. He is most passionate about working with clients who make a difference in the world. Paul believes great brands are like great music. They strike an emotional connection and create lasting meaning. Favorite music genre: Jazz

Rick Cosaro


Rick has created award winning designs for some of the world's most powerful brands. Rick believes great design should be both beautiful and strategic. It should carry your brand consistently across all collateral, packaging, promotional materials, signage and anything else your brand can leverage for outreach and communication. His experience brings depth and wide range of talent to help his clients meet their goals. Favorite music genre: Alternative

Heather DeMonte

Brand Strategist/Storyteller

With a background in shaping global brands, Heather has been helping businesses tell their stories for over twenty years. With precision and originality, she has crafted brand strategies, marketing campaigns and global training programs. She has found there is no better method for delivering ideas than a story. Stories resonate. They know their audience, establish personal connections, engender loyalty, and grow your bottom line. Favorite music genre: R&B

Olivia Sorokes

Production Associate

Olivia is passionate about what motivates people. Her background in social media has taught her that the most impactful communications are also the most genuine and organic. As consumers opt out of interruptive advertising, they still want to be part of the dialogue. She believes one of the best ways to grow your brands is to involve your users and tie your business goals into purpose driven causes that people care about. Favorite Genre: 90's Pop Country

Beth Carter

Senior Copywriter

Beth is an award-winning copywriter extraordinaire. She specializes in creating fresh, upbeat content that helps clients connect with their customers. She believes every communication should stem from a solid brand positioning. After over a decade of crafting expert marketing communications she knows that the most meaningful content creates a consistent voice that elevates brands and improves business results. Favorite Music Genre: 80's Retro

Zak Kates

Web Developer

Zak is passionate about all things tech and trying new things; from electric cars to meeting new people. His ability to combine technical expertise with personal relevance to create an engaging user experience is what clients find most valuable. Zak believes his custom Wordpress Websites should be both elegantly designed and functional; working seamlessly across multiple platforms to deliver an impactful brand experience. Music genre: Alternative to Classical.


The right mix for you.

  • Sometimes all your idea needs is encouragement and room to grow. Our onsite 'idea labs' offer an open, interactive environment where we work with you to plan, problem-solve and imagine new opportunities.

  • Brand is central to everything we do. Whether you need a new web site, sales brochure, identity system, or communications plan, we believe your brand is the conductor to your symphony. It creates a unique and meaningful experience that that your customers won't forget and your competitors can't replicate. Brands are more valuable today than ever before. They set the stage for everything you do, everything you say and everything you stand for.
    Here are some of the ways we can help you create your brand's unique composition:
      Brand Strategy   |   Brand To Life   |   Brand Identity  

  • Your website is one of your brand's greatest communicators. It helps you establish credibility, build awareness, drive sales, and tell your unique story. Whether your goal is e-commerce, lead generation, or brand presence, we can custom design your web site from the ground up to create an engaging and relevant user-experience that is both smart and beautiful.

  • Print is one of the most tactile expressions of your brand. As important as your digital environments are, print will never go out of style. From sell sheets and brochures, to presentation folders and inserts, your printed pieces should always deliver a consistent experience and reflect your unique brand personality. We develop, design and deliver powerful pieces that stand out in your brand's physical environments.


Transforming ideas into masterpieces.

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