Service Level Agreement (SLA) Clients
and Non-SLA Clients

All support issues or questions should be directed to support@paulgregorymedia.com Our help desk process has two types of protocol: Service Level Agreement (SLA) clients and non-SLA clients.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Clients Clients can elect to obtain a service level agreement to address their support needs. For more information on signing a Service Level Agreement, please reach out to support@paulgregorymedia.com. Benefits of an SLA:

  • SLA clients will immediately enter the response queue and will be entered into the production schedule as soon as possible
  • SLA Clients receive priority over non-SLA clients
  • SLA Clients receive a discounted hourly rate
  • SLA Clients receive regular maintenance on their website

Non-SLA Clients When you contact support@paulgregorymedia.com your issue will be placed in our assessment queue. Non-SLA support process:

  1. Upon contacting the help desk, there will be a $175 assessment fee to trouble shoot the issue and provide an estimate to solve the issue.
  2. An online approval form will be sent to you to approve the assessment fee.
  3. The assessment fee must be approved prior to trouble shooting.
  4. If the issue can be solved during the first hour of trouble shooting, the resolution will be included in the assessment fee.
  5. If the issue cannot be solved in the first hour, an estimate to solve the issue will be provided via email.
  6. Work to solve the issue will begin once the estimate is approved.