“Write what you know.” Advice I can recall as early as first grade, when my earnest little fingers wrapped themselves around the wood-and-graphite device which served as the conduit from my brain to the paper.

What I know is that social media is not traditional advertising. Social media constitutes a foundational, systemic and symbiotic upending of what broadcast media has represented up to now. It’s exhilarating! …and just a little bit scary.

Much as Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso redefined the power shift in the world of art (what was art; what was of value and how it was determined), today consumers influence the manufacturing and marketing process in a way that is unprecedented. Transparency and response time are 24/7.

Consumers expect brands whose narrative and process is in alignment with their values. Social media has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must have.” We live in a reality where people with purchasing power grew up in a world where their vote not only counted, but was courted. They have never known any other reality. Who stays on the island? Who moves on to the next round?

Social media provides a means to develop your company’s voice, cultivate community and empower brand advocates. It can also serve as an informal R&D department. It’s also a customer service channel.

Platforms, technology and tools are always changing, because social media is an amorphous, organic communication channel that creates itself from itself. The human need to connect is constant, however. Researching which method and means to help clients achieve that connection is what keeps me awake at night (sometimes literally).

Companies that step into the living, evolving stream that is social media stand a chance of survival. Perfection is not expected. Participation is.

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