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By Inbound Marketing Automation


We can all agree: the (marketing) world is loud.

Millions of brands are all fighting for the headspace of their chosen few. So how can any one brand expect to break through the clutter and deliberately activate their targeted buyer personas? PGM LeadGen is your tool to identify these potential partnerships that have (so far) been conditioned to tune out the noise, awaken them to your message, and engage tactics that prompt their participation.

As a Certified Agency Partner for Hubspot & SharpSpring, PGM designs and develops websites built specifically for this type of smart lead generation. Providing better reach, better user experiences, and better pipelines for your sales team, every element of the LeadGen and WordPress sites we build is designed to move your visitors through the marketing funnel, seamlessly transitioning them from strangers to leads to clients to brand evangelists.

What Makes PGM LeadGen Different?

Our marketing automation technology platform cultivates meaningful relationships with your target audience by speaking directly to their unique preferences. We curate your custom buyer personas by answering a few questions about behaviors, likely challenges, and what historically stokes them to action. We isolate optimal touchpoints with automated discovery and resources, delivering data that fuels the overall customization of PGM’s LeadGen marketing automation for your organization.

This data-driven technology can sound a bit confusing, but what it all boils down to is a way to produce 451% more LeadGen results than with traditional methods. Not a bad ROI for a simple update to your company’s most important asset: your website. We actively contribute, serve, and volunteer on nonprofit boards, committees, and professional associations, not out of obligation, but rather as part of our DNA.

Ground Control to Major Win

Your website built with a best-in-class platform is the perfect automated data control center for your organization, storing information on visitors**, lead generation, and marketing, all in one place.


Less than 3% of visitors fill out forms on your website.


What happens to the other 97% of passive traffic generated from your PPC campaigns, search engine marketing, and other digital strategies? You paid for it — put it to use.

PGM LeadGen Marketing Automation identifies and captures select data of your inactive visitors, giving you the power to transform your website into a digital sales tool that deliberately converts your leads into prospects.

Our platform’s powerful automation capabilities empower your brand to fully understand buyer personas and tactical ways to reach them on an inbound marketing level.

Learn more about the potential of inbound lead-generation automation and how it can boost your brand’s digital marketing ROI.

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